Contact Facilities & Resource Scheduling

Southern & Dobson

Angela Cissell
P: 480-461-7457

Red Mountain & Downtown Center

Cheryl Hardt
P: 480-654-7766

Classroom Scheduling

Jennifer Stroops
P: 480-461-7416

25Live Scheduling Quick Reference

Need to schedule an event? Follow this quick reference guide for detailed instructions on how to use 25Live and schedule an event.

25Live Quick Reference (PDF)

Co-Sponsored Events:

If your department plans to co-sponsor an event with an external organization, please complete the Waiver of Rent - Co-sponsored (available on the Forms page) and submit it to Facility & Vehicle Scheduling for approval.

Off-Campus Groups:

Off-campus groups must request facilities from the Facilities Coordinator.  This should be done as early as possible. Once the facility has been approved by the Facilities Coordinator, a contract will be prepared per the agreement made between the Facility Coordinator and the requesting organization. The prepared contract will be sent to the organization's contact person for signature and must be returned in a timely manner with a certificate of insurance with a minimum liability coverage of $1 million.

If you wish to request to rent space at MCC, please complete the Application for Facility Rental (available from the Forms page) and forward to for Southern/Dobson requests and to for Red Mountain requests.