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There are three different types of scholarships for which students can apply at Mesa Community College; 

Scholarships are gift aid, meaning you do not have to repay them or earn the funds by working. They are a form of financial assistance awarded to students based on specific criteria that has been determined by the donor or organization providing the funds. The most common scholarships are merit-based, program-specific or demographic-specific.

College-Specific Scholarships / Maricopa Community Colleges District Scholarship Database

Note: The application for 2015-2016 is now open.  The application will close on February 12, 2016.

If you would like to apply for Mesa Community College scholarships you would apply online via the Maricopa Community Colleges District Scholarship Database. Mesa Community College (MCC) Students can complete one general application online and be eligible for multiple scholarships automatically.

The Maricopa Community Colleges District Scholarship Database is a tool that can help you to search for college specific scholarships, district wide scholarships, or external scholarships in cooperation with Maricopa Community Colleges.

Students can complete the general application and determine if they want to complete any other opportunities that they may be eligible for. You can begin your application here. If you have any questions on the Maricopa Scholarship Application, please send an e-mail to

College Specific Scholarships–Mesa Community College (MCC) offers scholarships to students that are specifically for students attending MCC. Scholarships are available online.  Students can complete one general application online and be eligible for multiple scholarships automatically.

Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships are privately funded and open to all Maricopa Community College students. In most cases they may be used at any Maricopa Community College and, in some cases, non-Maricopa colleges and universities. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not required to apply.

Apply for Foundation scholarships or check the status of an application.

External Scholarships

These scholarships are offered through various local and national organizations. Free scholarship search engines are available to aid in your search for funding and enhance your knowledge about financial aid.

View external scholarship resources.