Childcare Services

MCC Children's Center is the best option for student parents. We offer reasonable tuition, easy accessibility, hourly enrollment, and evening care.  

As a student you are eligible to use the on-campus Children's Center for your childcare needs. Quality care at reduced rates. Learn more here.

Work Study & Jobs on Campus

Federal Work Study (FWS) means JOBS on campus for students. It is a form of federal financial aid. To be eligible, you must:

Volunteer Information

Volunteerism is stressed with all clubs, organizations, ASMCC and the student body. Find out how you can get involved in one day special projects or on-going involvement. Contact the Student Life and Leadership Office  at 480-461-7285 (SD) or 480-654-7759 (RM)  for more information.

Voter Registration

Visit the  State of Arizona Voter Registration webpages here:

Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness - Chemical Dependency Treatment Resources

Federal regulations regarding Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention require that we provide knowledge and guidelines about the prevention, control and treatment of the abuse/misuse of alcohol, illegal and legal drug uses and misuses. Read the alcohol usage policy here.  The Maricopa Breathe Easy Tobacco Free policy is available here. The possession or use of medical marijuana by any person is prohibited on MCC property. Violators are subject to arrest and/or disciplinary action.  Read the policy statement here. Additionally, the Federal regulations require that students read and acknowledge the receipt of this information. The Maricopa County Community College policies for Student Conduct are available here.

Counseling services are available on the Mesa Community College Southern & Dobson Campus in the Counseling Center. Students can also call the Counseling Center at 480-461-7100 or 480-654-7210 at the Red Mountain campus. A list of  treatment resources in our area is available here.


The Early Alert Referral System (EARS) is part of a student success initiative to assist students in their educational pursuits at MCC. A referral is an alert from your instructor or other concerned person that you may be experiencing academic difficulties. Or maybe your personal life is off track.

Let us help you identify individualized options, resources, and/or solutions. All services are free and confidential. See all the help options here. Remember to contact your instructor to work out an educational plan for a successful semester.

Independent Student's Guide to Healthcare