The Student Center and five adjacent buildings that comprise the Student Services Village will be remodeled to improve student support services and retention.  The buildings will then be connected with an air conditioned atrium.

Project Type and Summary:  Major Remodel and Construction Project

Marlene Imirzian & Associates, Architects/SD Crane-Core, Joint Contractors

  • Remodel the Kirk Student Center (building 35) to provide a more “collegiate” Student Lobby with enhanced event space and dining facilities.
  • Redesign and remodel the current buildings in the Student Services Village to centralize and expand student support services.  Consists of 21,000 square feet in buildings 36, 37, 38, 38A, and 39. 
  • Enclose the interior courtyard of the Kirk Student Center/ Student Services Village with an “Atrium,” creating an approximately 10,000 square foot air conditioned Student Lounge Space.
  • Connect the new One-Stop Enrollment Center, the Student Services Village, and the Kirk Student Center Lobby with new pathways.
  • Redesign the landscaping and outdoor features.