Program Description

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.
~ Demosthenes, Greek Statesman and orator

The Sustainable Food Systems AAS degree is designed for a diverse student population. The program provides students with an overview of the Nation’s current food model and alternative methods for creating a more sustainable model. Courses include concepts supporting the real food movement, which represents reeducating people about the way food is grown, purchased, prepared, consumed, and better ways to dispose of the waste. In addition, courses will cover sanitation guidelines, basic principles, and preparation techniques for the cooking and baking process.

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) is designed for students who may already have a degree in a related or unrelated area or for those who have a personal interest in bringing the multi-faceted concept of Sustainable Food Systems to fruition. Course topics cover concepts supporting the real food movement, sanitation guidelines, basic principles and preparation techniques for the cooking and baking  process.

Our vision:

We nourish the local and global community by fostering the growth of real food and real jobs.

Our mission:

We provide students a strong sustainable food systems foundation so that they become systems-oriented change agents.

Our goals:

We will contribute to the socially aware, skilled, entrepreneurial workforce in the emerging fields of organic agriculture and sustainable local food systems by educating students who will: 
· stimulate the creation of green jobs. 
· support the growth of community and school educational gardens. 
· raise the level of environmental, health, safety, and social awareness. 
· kindle the joy of growing, preparing, and eating real food with others. 
· reorient resources, programs and policies. 
· create opportunities for wholesome food to be available to all. 
· shift control of the food supply to people in the local community. 
· improve the freshness and nutritional quality of campus food. 
· model self-reliance.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."
~Antoine De Saint-Exupéry