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The MCC Music Business program offers students the opportunity to obtain relevant and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the Music Industry; through the study, production, marketing and management of commercial music projects and events. The program is designed to provide real-world, hands-on learning, which helps students foster a strategic and creative understanding of commercial music as both an art and a profession.

This program is offered for both the performing artist, as well as the business student with limited performing experience.

Students have the option to take individual classes or to pursue a 2-year Associate of Applied Science degree or a Certificate of Completion degree in Music Business or a Certificate of Completion degree in Live Performance Disc Jockey Techniques.

Classes are offered Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters in Online, Hybrid, Open Entry/Open Exit and In-person formats.

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  • NOW AVAILABLE: The AAS/CCL in Music Business has been updated! Students can now select a personalized degree with areas of emphasis including: Performance, Disc Jockey Techniques, Songwriting, Music Production, Marketing, Communications or Business. See detailed information on the degree information page.
  • Check the FAQs page to get all your program questions answered quickly and easily.
  • Learn more about the Music Business Faculty.
  • Learn more about our Mission: MCCMusicBusinessMission.pdf.

Program Advising

Degree-seeking students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to help plan a program of study and to determine the correct courses needed for degree completion and/or transfer. The Music Business and Disc Jockey programs offers several advising options:

  1. For in-person, drop-in advising: Meet with an Academic Advisor:
    Advising Office, Main Campus, Southern and Dobson
    Phone: 480-461-7222.   Website:

  2. For in-person, drop-in advising: Go to the Music Department office in Building MU-43: several staff members are able to help provide in-person guidance M-F during normal business hours or call 480-461-7575 for more information.

  3. For online advising during Fall and Spring Semesters: email:;  Please expect a 48-72 response time for return emails. Email advising is not available during the summer. Please contact the Academic Advising Dept. for assistance during the summer.

  4. If you are interested in transfer advising to attend a 4-year college program, please be sure to meet with a transfer advisor in the Advising Department at MCC before enrolling and visit the transfer opportunities page for Music Business.

  5. Learn more about Gainful Employment for the AAS/CCL in Music Business here.  Learn more about Gainful Employment for the CCL in Disc Jockey Techniques here.

New & Noteworthy In Music Business

The MCC Music Business program now offers a CCL (Certificate of Completion) in Professional Disc Jockey Techniques. Get information here. Learn more about Gainful Employment for the CCL in Disc Jockey Techniques here.

Learn to be a Music Producer! The MCC Music Business program is offering classes in how to be a professional music producer. Get information here.

Get advanced training for the Music Industry. Check out these specialized classes taught by music industry insiders. Get more information:

  • MUC145 Recording Studio Business Operations
  • MUC210 Concert Touring and Prom0tion
  • MTC113: Songwriting Techniques

Music Business Events

The MCC Music Business program regularly hosts industry events and Guest Lectures. Topics for Guest Lectures include becoming a successful recording studio engineer, owning your own publishing company, getting your music placed in Film and TV and the finer points of contract negotiations. See a list of recent and upcoming Guest Lectures here.

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