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New & Noteworthy Music Business Opportunities

Become a Professional Disc Jockey with our Certificate Program and DJ Classes

Want to be a professional DJ? Learn more about the Certificate of Completion in Disc Jockey Techniques here.  Or just take classes.

See Gainful Employment information for this CCL here.

MUC135: Live DJ Techniques

Professional DJs teach you the skills needed to become a professional Live DJ. Using top-of-the-line equipment, students learn to plan, sequence and produce live shows for clubs and events. Learn strategies for developing a business and booking your next gig. See detailed course description.

Bring your passion for music. No experience necessary.

MUC138: Live DJ Open Lab

In this hands-on course, students learn hands-on skills needed to work individually on state of the art digital DJ equipment and top of the line old-school analog set ups.  Students get plenty of individualized lab instruction and time to practice their professional DJ skills. See detailed course description.

Compliment your learning experience in MUC135 with this hands-on lab class.

Now Offering Classes in Music Production

MCC is now offering a unique opportunity to develop your skills as a professional Music Producer. Learn everything you need to professionally produce tracks, beats and albums. Learn about the new classes here.

Check Out These Great Classes for Recording Engineers, Songwriters & Aspiring Music Industry Professionals

MUC145: Recording Studio Business Operations

Audio Production Technology students and aspiring recording engineers, learn the business aspects of professional recording studios. From booking to marketing to customer relations to pricing and much more, this course prepares you for your first job or internship in a recording studio. (Note: This course is now part of the APT degree). See detailed course description.

Great for soon-to-be professional engineers. All levels welcome!

MTC111 & MTC113: Songwriting Workshops

Producer/Songwriter , BARRY GOLDSTEIN, teaches you the art and craft of Lyric Writing and Songwriting techniques. Working alone and in teams, students create, at least, one original composition. Recording and performing opportunities available.

Songwriters, Lyricists, Rappers and Beat makers of all skill levels are welcome.

MUC210: Concert Promotion & Touring

Touring Artist and Music Educator, HENRI BENARD, teaches you the advanced aspects of concert promotion, touring and festival production. Learn about marketing, planning, operations, talent buying, and budgeting for profitable and successful music performance stage shows and tours.  See detailed course description.

Bands, Performing Artists and aspiring Concert Promoters are encouraged to enroll. All levels welcome!

MUC211: Artist Management & Talent Development

In this hands-on course, Artist Manager and Promoter, BOB CONRAD, teaches you the skills needed to manage a music career for success in today’s marketplace. You will learn how to direct every aspect of an artist’s career from talent development to brand building, and from booking gigs to deal negotiation. See detailed course description.

Open to Musicians, Performing Artists, Bands and aspiring Artist Managers. All levels welcome!

MUC215: Music Industry Technology Seminar

This is a MUST-DO course for anyone who wants to succeed in the Music Industry today. The MCC Music Business program is partnering with cutting edge creative company, Gangplank HQ, to teach the leading technology strategies needed to successfully promote a career in the Music Industry today. Classes are held at the Gangplank HQ and include detailed instruction on optimizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Reverbnation, Stageit, YouTube, Tumblr, Flicker and more. See detailed course description.

Open to Musicians, Performing Artists, Bands and aspiring Artist Managers. All levels welcome!

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