We have TEN kinds of Facebook presences that you should know about.


    MCC Religious Studies. This one offers religion news from web sources across the spectrum, tidbits and notes that are central to the religions of our world, including birthdays and history's events; and of course, news and announcements of things in our campus community that connect to religious studies. Go to:facebook.com/mcc.rel.studies (information and submission form for the Facebook Incentive are below.)
  • NetworkingNetworking The House of Wisdom at MCC. This page builds on the idea made famous by the caliph Al-Ma'mun in 9th century Baghdad. We COULD hash through a debate on religion, but we will get a lot further if we help each other learn about the cosmos we share. We post all kinds of news and information about the sciences, math, psychology, economics, history and whatever else we can talk about to increase our shared wisdom. We now have fans from all over the world. No debates, no disrespect. Just a love of knowledge shared. Go to: facebook.com/how.at.mcc
  • Students for Cultural Engagement. This was our first, years ago. It isn't science, it isn't religion -- it's everything else. Cultural festivals, films, performances, world music, coming events and speakers. It is an information center for all things cultural. When we share each others world, we tend to appreciate each other more. Go to: facebook.com/mcc.sce
  • Religion and Humor. Ever notice that when we we laugh, the first thing we do is look around at the people who are with us? Humor demands that we share - probably why humor and religion work together. The world needs places to gather the stories and our insights into and perspectives on the humor that permeates religious tradition, exploring humor as a bond that unites, rather than divides us. Go to: facebook.com/religion.humor
  • Religion at the Movies. A site for the academic exploration of the various connections between the films we watch and the religions we embrace. Go here
  • Religion and Politics: Diversity and Discourse. A page for exploring the many theoretical and historical interactions between religion and politics. This page is neither an argument for nor against the interaction of religion and politics. It does, however, promise to be a place for hearing the arguments for and against the countless ways people have imagined those two. Go here
  • Sacred Story and Myth. It isn't enough to recognize that the religious traditions of ancient cultures -- and many contemporary cultures as well -- are oral traditions. There are numerous ways to be oral: legal material can be memorized and passed on, as the Brehons of Ireland have shown; non-narrative, didactic sermons (that is, they are doctrine and not story) can be passed from generation to generation; ritual practices can be transmitted from generation to generation orally, as in the tradition of the Dine. So why stories? Go here
  • World Religions, World Music. The vast majority of the world's recorded music is made outside the United States - a human treasure waiting to be discovered by anyone who relishes that new sound, new rhythm, and new point of view. Go here
  • The World's Scriptures: Exploring and Celebrating. The Facebook companion to the  Sacred Book Club, this page looks at the Bible, the Qur'an, the Bhagavad-gita, the Book of Mormon, and any of the thousands of other sacred scriptures from this angle and that, but without all the pressure that comes with the question, "Which one of these is true?" Go here
  • Religion, Sex and Sexuality. Religion and our sexual lives are in an uneasy dialog. We need a place where we can safely consider that conversation. Is same-sex activity "natural"? Does the Bible forbid masturbation? Does our sexual desire turn us away from or toward the "Ultimate"? Go to facebook.com/religion.sex
  • MCC needs a Study Abroad Program in Spain and Morocco. Well, there ISN'T one for Summer 2011, and we were thinking it would be great if there WERE one for Summer 2012. So we are stirring the grassroots pot, trying to get a "travelution" on. If you think it would be a totally cool way to spend a month in a summer, soaking up life in the place where, for almost 800 years, Islam, Judaism and Christianity lived out long stretches of convivencia, visit this page. Look at the places we could visit, the foods we could eat, the music we could listen to, the bullfights, the art and so much more -- and "like" us, of course. Go  here

And we'll share with you our friends.  Here is a list of MCC Facebook pages that connect in one way or another to the things we like to explore:

The Facebook Incentive

Each week of the semester, a new code is posted on the MCC Religious Studies Facebook page, an 8-character combination of numbers/letters. If you submit your name and the week's code here within 24 hours of its posting, you will be entered in the drawing on for one of our incentive prizes on May 4. Your eligibility depends on your instructor's participation. Be sure to ask in class.

  • Both first and last name are required.
  • You must be enrolled in the class and maintaining a C or better at the time of the drawing to be eligible.
  • A new code may be posted anytime from Monday-Friday (one per week)
  • The deadline for submission will be included in each code posting.