Student Portal and Enrollment Construction Project

The attached drawing below indicates the areas to be fenced for the duration of the project, which is currently estimated to be completed in Nov- Dec 2014. The fencing shown in the area of the Kirk Center Lobby will not be erected until later in the project. We will do our best to keep you informed of all construction related activities as the construction progresses throughout the coming new year. Every effort is being made to provide directional signage to help students navigate through and around the construction site. 
A construction yard will be located in the east parking lot in close proximity to the Enrollment Center construction site. Vehicle traffic will be able to access all lots on the east side of campus.
If you need a sighted guide to assist with navigation through the construction zones, please contact Disability Resources & Services at 480-461-7447.  The DRS office also has up-to-date embossed maps to assist with building and classroom location.
3/28/14: The campus bookstore was relocated to their beautiful new location over Spring Break.  They are now located just east of the Kirk Student Center in building 36.  The walking path to the bookstore involves several turns and some uneven terrain.  I've attached a map that shows the best walking path from the library to the bookstore and back.  If you need a sighted guide or other assistance to and from the bookstore, please contact Disability Resources & Services.