Member Responsibilities

The committee member is expected to attend all meetings or provide for the alternate's attending. He/she is expected to have reviewed materials prior to the meeting. The agenda and supporting materials will be made available with ample time for this purpose. The committee will confine its concerns to those items appropriate to the listing on the forms provided. Committee members will be responsible for informing chairs in the zones they represent of proposals that may present concerns in their disciplines. Members should not be concerned with their discipline only - they are to represent all disciplines in their zone.

Curriculum Technician Responsibilities

  • Provides appropriate forms and sections of the curriculum procedures as requested
  • Reviews the curriculum form for accuracy
  • Assembles all required forms and supporting materials to complete proposals
  • Distributes curriculum proposals to the appropriate Instructional Council and forwards their response to the campus curriculum committee and district curriculum committee
  • Maintains records of curriculum activity and meeting agendas
  • Complies reports for various departments (ex. R&P, Financial Aid, etc)

Curriculum Design Facilitator Responsibilities

  • Is involved in the curriculum process from it inception to its conclusion
  • Works with the initiator and other involved persons to produce written curriculum proposals
  • Coordinates activities of all involved persons at the college to insure that MCCCD curriculum criteria are met
  • Is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all required curriculum materials
  • Works with faculty to prepare general education proposals
  • Serves as liaison between college and district curriculum coordinator
  • Attends meetings of the district curriculum committee to represent interests and concerns of the MCC faculty
  • Serves as needed on subcommittees and ad hoc committees of the district curriculum committee
    • Shares information from and provides faculty feedback to the district curriculum committee

Vice President of Academic Affairs/Designee

  • The Dean of Instruction will chair all college curriculum committee meetings, attend district curriculum committee meetings or designate a representative to attend district meetings, participate in the discussion of curriculum issues, and vote in the event of a tie.

Instructional Council

  • All materials except program modification require recommendation from the appropriate Instructional Council. Material must be submitted to the instructional Councils at least ten working days prior to the campus curriculum meeting or the proposal(s) can not be placed on the meeting agenda.


  • Faculty members become initiators when they request that a curricular or general education action be taken. The faculty initiator consults with his or her department chair, faculty, or appropriate dean concerning the development of a curriculum or general education proposal.
  • He/she also works in conjunction with the curriculum designer in developing the curriculum or general education proposal.
  • Initiators are expected to attend the college curriculum committee meeting during which their proposals are presented in order to address questions and concerns from committee members.
  • If initiators do not attend the relevant committee meetings and questions or concerns arise, proposals will be tabled until a future meeting when the initiators can be present to represent their proposals.