Placement Test Sample Questions

Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare. Save time and money. A little review can make a difference.


ACCUPLACER is the official placement test approved for all Maricopa Community Colleges.

Please take time to review these sample questions for Sentence Skills, WritePlacer, Reading Comprehension, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College Math.

These extra samples will help you do well on the WritePlacer essay English placement test.

An iPhone app is available from Currently the app is available for the iPhone only for a small fee.


Downloadable and printable sample questions. ACCUPLACER is used for course placement, but these sample questions can be printed. (Writing Skills, Reading, Numerical Skills, Elementary Algebra and College Algebra)


(Combined English Language Skills Assessment) – this test is a paper and pencil based test used for course placement into 'English as a Second Language' classes.


Not currently used for placement testing, but another good resource to study for placement testing. (Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra and College Algebra)

Official Course Placement Chart

Is used to determine what classes a student can register for and what the Placement Test and Retest Policy is for Maricopa Community College District.