Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center will primarily support the music and dance programs, bringing many performances back to campus which are currently held off site due to insufficient space. The recently remodeled Theatre Outback will continue as the performance venue for the theatre program. 

Project Type and Summary:  Major Remodel and Construction Project

Jones Studio, Designer/Layton Construction

  • Remodel the former Harkin’s Theater at the Southeast corner of the Campus and construct an addition to the structure for a 460-seat theater and state of the art educational and entertainment venue.
  • The new PAC will include a production support area and showcase a variety of music, dance, band, and choir performances within a vibrant venue of lights and technological magic.
  • The former Fuddrucker’s Restaurant will be remodeled and converted into a storage facility.
  • The Longmore Street entrance to the PAC will also be redesigned and landscaped to reflect the grandness of the new venue.