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Ron Rangel

Coordinator, Video Production


What We Do

Equipped with the right technology and expertise, we capture, stream, and broadcast high-quality video recordings of special events; like graduation ceremonies, dance and theatrical productions, community forums, and more. The content we produce also serves as a living archive of campus life – a chronicle of the affairs and evolution of our institution. 

How to request a video recording or stream.

  • Fill out request
  • Your event is not scheduled until you have received a confirmation email or phone call from Video Production
  • Requests must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the recording date

2014 Graduation Video

How to order a DVD of a campus event.

  • Fill out form
  • Take printed form and pay at the Cashier's Office (AD 42)
  • Take the form/receipt to the HelpCenter (AS 4)
  • If you paid the Cashier's Office over the phone please e-mail form to
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for completed DVD
  • If no mailing address is provided DVD can be picked up in the HelpCenter


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