MultiUse Computer Lab

Hours & Location

Phone: 480-461-7098

Days of Operation

Monday - Thursday




Fall & Spring Hours

7:00 am - 10:20 pm

7:00 am - 8:20 pm

7:00 am - 4:20 pm


Summer  Hours

7:00 am - 10:20 pm




Location: BA Building - Campus Map

MultiUse Computer Lab Policies

  • An MCC student I.D. card must be presented to log in and out of the lab. The MultiUse Lab is available to all students currently enrolled in a computer-based class and who have a current MCC I.D. card.  Please do not ask the staff to log you in without an I.D. card.
  • To avoid liability issues and distractions to the other users, non-registered students or guests of any kind are not permitted in the MultiUse Computer Lab. This does include children and spouses.
  • No food or beverages of any kind (except for bottled water with a secure cap) are allowed inside the building.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times while in the MultiUse Computer Lab and classrooms. 
  • Cell phones must be turned off while inside the building. The ringing of phones and telephone conversations are disturbing and distracting to others.
  • Lab hours may change during holiday weeks. Please check the information boards inside/outside of the lab for changes in lab hours.
  • Lab personnel will assist as much as they are able when you need help. Assistance with exams and quizzes is not allowed. Lab personnel cannot sit with students for long periods of time. It is the students’ responsibility to complete their own assignments; we are here to assist not complete student assignments. If you need extensive help with assignments, please rely on your instructor as your resource.
  •  Printing is for assignments only. Conserve paper and toner and use the print preview option whenever possible.
  • Please refrain from loud talking in the lab. Keep noise levels to a minimum. This is an instructional lab, students may be taking exams.
  • The lab is not responsible for lost or stolen property. When you leave the lab, please take your belongings with you.
  • Only use software that is provided by the MultiUse Lab. Never install software on any of the computers in the lab.
  • Starting July 1, 2012, no tobacco product - including smokeless tobacco products and e-cigarettes can be used on any Maricopa Community College property. This includes buildings, walkways, and parking lots. The borders extend to the edges of the campuses and other District-leased or owned properties. The new policy will not extend to perimeter sidewalks (those located beside public thoroughfares). There will no longer be areas on campus designated for smoking or available ashtrays. Students and employees who violate the tobacco-free policy may be subject to consequences, as with any other student or employee policy violation

Lab personnel are authorized to request all students to abide by these policies. Students are expected to regard seriously the requests of the Lab staff for adherence to Lab Policies. Misuse of the Lab shows disrespect for the institution and disregard for the rights of members of the College Community.  If a student fails to abide by these policies, they will be asked to leave the facility. Public Safety personnel will be called for assistance in the event of further non-compliance.