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This program is part of the Education Studies Department.

If you’ve always wanted to be a grade, middle, or high school teacher, this is where you start. The K–12 Teacher Preparation program at MCC prepares you for transfer as a junior to a university where you will earn the bachelor’s degree and certificate you need to become a teacher.

Available Associate Degrees and Certificates

Degree / Certificate Title Courses
Associate in Arts - Elementary Education (AAEE) Associate in Arts, Elementary Education Course List
Academic Certificate (AC) Teaching and Learning, Teaching Second Language Acquisition through STEM Course List

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Before signing up for classes, you’ll want to meet with an academic advisor. Together, you’ll lay out a program and career path that suits you best. This step is essential to your academic success.

Advising for the K-12 Teacher Preparation program is available through the Education Studies department. You can also contact Academic Advisement for general advising. Both will help you determine the exact courses you need to get the education you’re looking for.