Transfer to a University

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average first year GPA of MCC students who transfer to an Arizona public university*

*Office of Research and Planning ASSIST 2008 Database

There are several steps to take so you can transfer to the university of your choice to complete your bachelor's degree.

The Maricopa Community Colleges have agreements with the three Arizona public universities, and more than forty other institutions - nationally and internationally. These transfer partnerships assist students in making a smooth transition from one institution to the next by maximizing your Maricopa credits.

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Signature University Partnerships: Steps to Transfer


Make the decision to transfer to a university or college.  Compare all possible universities and institutions.  Look at the specific requirements of the university and degree.  Decide upon a university and degree.

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Plan which classes you need to take at MCC which will correspond with the classes needed for your degree program at whichever university or college you choose.

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Apply to the university you have chosen.  Provide the required documents such as transcripts, SAT scores, and entrance essays before the deadline indicated by the specific college or university.

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Receive your acceptance letter or notification from the university or college.

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Talk with your academic advisor at MCC as well as your advisor at the university or college about the transfer.  Make sure to mention your transfer credits so they can help you with an amended degree plan and any necessary steps you may have missed which are required in order to transfer.

University Partnerships

You want to transfer your credits to a university, but are not sure where you want to go. With our list of University Partnerships the hunt for schools that accept MCC credits is over. Now all you have to do is decide which of the 40 schools will fit you best!