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Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges to earn a degree with this emphasis.

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The Maricopa County Community College District Arizona General Education Curriculum (MCCCD AGEC) is a general education certificate that fulfills lower-division general education requirements for students planning to transfer to any Arizona public community college or university. Generally, the MCCCD AGEC transfers as a block without loss of credit. The AGEC-A and AGEC-B require a minimum of 35* credit hours, and the AGEC-S requires a minimum of 36* credit hours.

In most cases, all courses used to satisfy the MCCCD AGEC will apply to graduation requirements of the university major for which the AGEC was designed.

There are three types of AGECs in MCCCD: AGEC-A, AGEC-B, and AGEC-S. As described below, these AGECs are also a component of most MCCCD associate degrees and comparable degrees at other Arizona public community colleges. The AGEC-A defines the general education requirements in the Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Arts, Elementary Education (AAEE), and the Associate in Arts, Fine Arts (AAFA) degrees. The AGEC-B defines the general education requirements in the Associate in Business-General Requirements (ABUSGR) and Associate in Business-Special Requirements (ABUS-SR) degrees. The AGEC-S defines the general education requirements in the Associate in Science (AS) degree.

As described in more detail below, all AGECs require designated Core courses in First Year Composition [FYC], Literacy and Critical Inquiry [L], Mathematical Studies [MA/CS] (Exception: The AGEC-S does not require CS.), Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB], Humanities, Design and Fine Arts [HU], and Natural Science [SQ/SG]. Students must satisfy two Awareness areas: Cultural Diversity in U.S. and either Global Awareness or Historical Awareness. 

AGECs were designed to articulate with different academic majors, and their particular requirements vary accordingly. In some major-specific pathways, students are allowed to choose from a broad list of courses to satisfy the AGEC requirements; for others the courses are more restricted or even specified. Additional information on academic majors at the Arizona public universities can be accessed via the following website:

The AGEC-B is designed to satisfy requirements in business majors that articulate with the Associate in Business. AGEC-B requires a minimum of brief calculus to satisfy the Mathematics [MA] requirement.


At Maricopa, we strive to provide you with accurate and current information about our degree and certificate offerings. Due to the dynamic nature of the curriculum process, course and program information is subject to change. As a result, the course list associated with this degree or certificate on this site does not represent a contract, nor does it guarantee course availability. If you are interested in pursuing this degree or certificate, we encourage you to meet with an advisor to discuss the requirements at your college for the appropriate catalog year.

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