General Education Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)

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General Education

Most four-year institutions require that, in addition to their main areas of study, students must acquire knowledge in other essential areas. They are often called the “core classes”. MCC’s 35-38 credit General Education program helps students earn core credits before transferring to a college or university.

The areas of study included in the General Education pathway are:

  • Communication
  • Composition/Writing
  • Information Literacy
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Critical Inquiry
  • Social, Civic, & Global Responsibility
  • Technology Literacy

Each college and university has their own process for accepting the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC), so it's best to meet with a transfer admissions specialist to make sure all the classes you take here will transfer. MCC has more than 45 university partners.

Three General Education Paths

The AGEC are split into three pathways for your convenience.  Simply decide what you want to major in, and then choose which AGEC you’ll need to pursue.


This pathway is designed for those who are interested in a Bachelor of Arts.


If you want to get your Bachelor of Science this is the program for you.


This pathway is for students wanting to get a Bachelor of Business Administration.

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Know which college or university you want to go to?

Each college or university handles AGEC differently, so make sure to choose a school before you start your General Education program so you don't end up retaking a few classes when you transfer. If you know which four-year institution you want to transfer to, make sure you make an appointment to speak with a transfer advisor from that school. Each college and university has different processes and qualifications for transferring General Education courses.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University has many transfer paths from MCC to ASU, click here to view them all. The Maricopa to ASU Pathways Program (MAPP) is a transfer program in which you earn your Associate’s degree and AGEC before transferring to ASU.

ASU Transfer Advisor

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University requires students to register that they are following an AGEC transfer pathway before you start taking classes. Once you’ve met with the NAU transfer advisor to get the AGEC listed on your transcripts, the AGEC transfers as a block to NAU.

NAU Transfer Pathways

The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona does not have a direct AGEC transfer pathway. By following their transfer pathways, which you can find here, most students earn an AGEC.

UA Transfer Advisor