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Peer-Editing Help

Friends Peer Editing

How to Track Changes Using MS Word

Making Marks Pen-and-Paper Style

Canvas Help

Computer and Internet

Starting Paola's Course on Canvas

Canvas People: 24x7 Toll Free Support Line: 1-888-994-4433

Canvas Student Guide

MLA Formatting

Old Fashioned Typewriter

MLA Style: How to Format using MS Word

In-Text Citations vs. Works Cited Page

Sample Works Cited Page

Basic Essay Help

Essay Tutoring

Outline View of 5-Paragraph Essay

Graphical Essay Chart (Based on the "Name" Essay)

Sample Name Essays: Mark / Sam / Paola

Five-Paragraph Essay:
Introduction / Body / Refutation / Conclusion

Transitional Words

Revising Your Essay
*You can also view it as a PDF document if you have trouble watching the videos. The narration can be read at the bottom of the page.

Quoting, Summarizing & Paraphrasing

Research & Evaluating Evidence

Sample of a Research Report

Sample of a Summarize & Critically Analyze Essay

Stylistic Help

Stylistic Help

Point of View: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Person

Point of View: Using 1st & 3rd Person in Formal Essays
*Watch part 3 of 4 in the YouTube Video. You can also view this section as a PDF document.

Style: Spoken vs. Written Voice

Writing Style

Argumentation Help!


What is an Argument?

Arguments At a Glance: P.A.P.A.

Writing Effective Arguments

Argument Thesis = Claim

Argument's Best Friends: Ethos, Logos, Pathos

Creating Outlines for Arguments

Creating Outlines for a Summarize-and-Critically-Analyze Essay

Quoting, Summarizing & Paraphrasing

Argumentative Fallacies

The Rogerian Argument

Sample Argument Essays

The Rhetorical Situation *PDF

Argumentative Topics
*Includes researched websites for various topics, and
a thesis statement (pro/con) for each subject.

Controversial Articles
Includes links to articles on which you can write your Summary-Critically-Analyze paper.

Double Entry Log (to help you critically read and annotate your controversial article)

Sample Article that I Critically Annotated "Would you have surgery at the hands of a robot?"

Rubrics & Peer Editing

Rubrics and peer editing

YouTube ChannelPaolaBrownEnglishYoutube

Assignment Overviews:
Note: Closed Captioning IS available for the following videos; enable this feature when watching the video should you like to have captions.

This I Believe Essay

Research Report

Argument Essay Instructions

How to Summarize & Critically Analyzing an Article
*Print a copy of my notes page from this video here.

Closed Captioning is not available for tis video. For students who would like to view the captions for this video, visit their PDF versions.

Revising your essay
(Part I, II, III, IV)
*PDF version here

The Rhetorical Situation
*PDF version here