The default staff table below may list incorrect information. Current staff information for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is listed here: 

Matt Ashcraft - Dean of Research and Planning

480-461-7215 |

Dennis Mitchell - Director of Research 

480-461-7213 |

Patricia White - Predictive Analyst


Christina Santacruz Del Rosario - Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness

480-461-7261 |

Kenichi Maruyama  - Grant Coordinator

480-461-7758 |

Marla Margaillan- Part-time Research Assistant / OIE Front Desk

480-461-7210 |

Contact Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Southern & Dobson

Building: NU 6
P: 480-461-7213

Name Title Contact
Marla M. Margaillan Staff
Office of Institutional Effect


Kenichi Maruyama Coord Grants
Office of Institutional Effect


Dennis S. Mitchell Dir Research
Office of Institutional Effect


Christina L. Santacruz Del Rosario Coord Institutional Effectiven
Office of Institutional Effect


Patricia White Predictive Analyst
Office of Institutional Effect