Orientation Paperwork

You will need to attend an in-person Orientation session at the beginning of the semester or complete the Online Orientation for either In-Course Module or Independent Module, depending on which service-learning program you are participating in.

Upon completion of an Orientation, you will have received or need to pick up the necessary Service-Learning paperwork:

  • Yellow Packet – In-Course Module paperwork for traditional service-learning classes
  • Green Packet – In-Course Module paperwork for Education & Math 156 courses
  • Salmon Packet – In-Course Module paperwork for a group-based service-learning project
  • Blue Packet – Independent module paperwork and application

Remember - you will earn college credit for a successfully completed project.

Online Orientation

Some instructors have built-in course-specific online orientations on their Canvas page.  We have the following Online Orientations available for you below: 

In-Person Orientations

At the beginning of each semester, our office sets up scheduled Service-Learning Orientations.  In addition, upon the request of the class instructor, our two Program Specialists can do personal Orientations during class time. 

If unable to attend the in-person orientations, students can either watch our Online Orientation below or schedule an in-person orientation with our two Program Specialists: Dawn Rhodes (mornings) or Christin Franco (evenings).